VegasWIFI Communications
 Leading the fixed-wireless revolution
About us

Alternative to Fiber or Copper! 

VegasWiFi offers Internet services for both Residential and Commercial customers in Las Vegas and surrounding communities including Calico Basin, Goodsprings, Sandy Valley, Pahrump, Lake Mead, and Henderson. Our Towers are located all over the ommunities mentioned and also on top of the mountains that surround Las Vegas which gives us a far reaching coverage area where if you can see it we can link it - an area covering over 2+ million people, making us one of the largest providers of fixed wireless broadband in Nevada. 
VegasWiFi delivers an array of high-bandwidth Internet Access solutions from Highly Scalable Dedicated internet circuits to the Commercial business communities to the home user residential internet solutions. With solutions including point to point private wireless connections, high capacity temporary internet circuits for conventions and temporary events, commercial and residential internet circuits ranging from 3meg up to Multi gig circuits all managed solutions over the industry’s most scalable middle and last mile network. 
VegasWiFi is the alternative to fiber or copper services, where we own our complete network infrastructure, bypassing the local telephone company and cable companies, providing customers with faster install times, unmatched scalability and redundancy from traditional wire line infrastructure. VegasWiFI deploys networks for applications such as: 
  •  High speed medical data networks 
  •  Critical data sharing in the oil and gas industry 
  •  Education networks to carry video, voice and data 
  •  Building-to-building LAN extensions 
  •  Fiber and leased line redundancy 
  •  Backhauls for wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) 
  •  Rural Solar Plant Primary Internet Circuits 
VegasWiFi Broadband Services 
  •  Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Connections 
  •  Licensed Wireless Connections 
  •  Rural Internet Circuits 
  •  Low Cost Community WiFi 
  •  Fiber based Internet circuits- with failover Wireless Services 
  •  Path Design 
  •  Site Survey for point-to-point & wireless LANs 
  •  Spectrum Analysis 
  •  Path Analysis 
  •  FAA Registration and FCC Frequency Coordination 
  •  Interference Analysis 
  •  Pre-Installation Configuration and Testing 
  •  Installation Service Maintenance 
  •  Certified Tower Technicians & Climbers 
  •  Data Center Services and colocation 
  •  On-Site Business IT Support, Network, and Email
  • Wireless Technologies Licensed Microwave Systems 
  •  Mesh Microwave Systems 
  •  Unlicensed Wireless Ethernet Bridges 
  •  Point to Multi-Point Distribution Systems - WiMAX, Proprietary 
  •  Wireless LANs/Access Points - Based on 802.11a,b,g 
  •  Wireless ISP design and deployment - base stations and CPE for WISPs 
  •  Gigabit Unlicensed or licensed Point-to-Point Links 

Who is VegasWiFi? 

VegasWiFi is a full-service Internet provider, dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and inexpensive connectivity while providing the best possible technical support. Based out of Las Vegas, NV. VegasWiFi was one of the first ISPs to bring High-Speed Broadband internet access to our surrounding rural communites such as Sandy Valley, Goodsprings and Calico Basin, and continues to lead the way in making new access and hosting solutions available to the public.